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We revolutionize business processes by strategically redesigning and reengineering them. Our cutting-edge methodologies transform outdated operations into highly efficient and cost-effective systems. Experience the impact of our expertise firsthand, with an average 10X reduction in operational costs. But that's not all. We go beyond cost savings, converting traditional cost centers into thriving value centers. 

Our Story

Spera is a Latin word that is used interchangeably for “Hope” & “Trust”


These 2 words - “Hope” & “Trust” encapsulate - Who we are, What we stand for, our Life & Business Aspirations, and How we engage with all our stakeholders.

Founded in 2015, our incredible team of Business advisors have worked tirelessly to create Technology services offerings that can generate 100X value to SME's and Enterprises.

Our culture is invaluable to us. We embrace meritocracy, hyper transparency, and unwavering discipline. We have a no-nonsense attitude towards work, with a firm belief that mediocrity has no place in our organization. We foster an environment where high standards are not just expected but demanded, ensuring that only the finest work is produced and delivered to our clients.


@Spera, we embrace the power of teamwork. We're the perfect mix of millennials and Gen Z, fusing the best of both generations' unique strengths and perspectives. With an average age of 26, our team brings a vibrant and progressive mindset to every project. Our subject matter experts and team leaders, many of whom are under 25, embody exceptional talent and limitless potential. Leadership @Spera requires a unique fusion of capabilities, and we uphold our leaders to the highest standards of performance, accountability, and ethical conduct.

Our reviews are not just about patting each other on the back; they are emotionally challenging but always directed towards the pursuit of truth. We believe in getting to the root of the problem, uncovering insights, and making meaningful improvements. This culture of truth-seeking propels us forward, fostering continuous improvement and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

We support each other through victories and losses. We walk the talk, saying what we do and doing what we say. We appreciate and provide constructive feedback, fostering growth. It's about being good—each day, every day.

Work Culture

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