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Spera is a Latin word that is used interchangeably for “Hope” & “Trust”


These 2 words - “Hope” & “Trust” encapsulate - Who we are, What we stand for, our Life & Business Aspirations, and How we engage with all our stakeholders.

Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 11.32.04 PM.png


And there you are - that’s how and why we decided to give ourselves the name - Spera

We are techies,

We are nerds,

We are young,

We are impatient, 

We are bloody good at what we do, 

We don’t Compete - We Collaborate, 

We are free-spirited but we know that true freedom lies in Interdependence,

We are fiercely LOYAL to our clients,


We Say What We Do, We Do What We Say

Interested in working @Spera

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