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Life @ Spera

•Teamwork Like A Symphony


•Solve complex business problem

•Smart People >> Smart Work >> 
Smart Processes


•Play hard, Play tough but play fair – Integrity is everything

•Break the rules but respect law

•Leaders at all level


We like to work in Teams because we have common sense. We know that average teamwork on any day will easily supersede the best days of individual effort. 


We are Independent professionals who believe that Interdependency is the highest form of freedom. Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.

Every Spera'ite is unique. Their backgrounds, upbringing, value system, aptitude, communication – everything is different. We are different people with shared goals playing Orchestra.


We firmly believe that all rule-based tasks should be automated and machines should be doing those tasks. We hate tasks that are clerical in nature. We spend our time solving complex business problems and reimagining the new business world. We work with SME's who are the first one's to adopt new technology. 


We work sincerely. There is a flat hierarchy. We spend a lot of time defining the problem and the process. The output should take care of itself. 


We have a lot of freedom. But freedom does not mean a lack of discipline. We have the freedom to perform our tasks at our convenience but are disciplined enough to ensure that as per my convenience does not mean at the cost of my clients' money.

We encourage our people to find out issues in the existing process and reward them. But we don't waste our time in criticizing– we figure out how to fix the problem. 


We challenge our people to break the rules. Expect the CEO to join your team huddle and ask something like – why are you guys doing it this way? Expect reviews at the breakfast table of a hotel or a midnight review in the office while sipping cola. 


And yes, we do take out some time to party and let our hair down. 

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